Cuba exhibits medical collaboration achievements against US campaign

Cuba currently exhibits its international medical collaboration achievements fighting Covid-19, in the face of the questions the United States seeks in vain to link it with human trafficking.
Cuba has been a member of the Directing Council of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) since Tuesday, a scenario marked by the accusations by representatives of the Donald Trump administration against the island's achievements in this matter.
In her speech at PAHO's Board of Directors, Cuban Deputy Health Minister Marcia Cobas described the falsehoods of the US government in recent meetings convened by PAHO as regrettable.
Cobas denounced the existence of US$3 million in fund that Washington dedicates to buy false testimonies and document illegitimate accusations against the Cuban health cooperation.
The deputy health minister defended her country's right to join the Directing Council and described the attempt to link human trafficking with the work done by the internationalist medical brigades as disrespectful and immoral.
At this time, the Cuban medical collaboration has received recognition in several countries globally, and from agencies such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations, Cobas recalled.
On Tuesday, Cuban Public Health Minister Jose Angel Portal also responded to US delegate Garret Grigsby, who in a virtual meeting convened by PAHO, requested the agency to follow up on the Cuban medical brigades.


Prensa Latina