Cuba to host the General Council of the World's Democratic Youth

Cuba will host in May 2023 the General Council of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), it was announced today in this capital during the meeting of the coordinator of the anti-imperialist organization.
More than 60 delegates from 35 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and America approved the Cuban candidacy to host the meeting of the World Federation of Democratic Youth board of directors, to vindicate the political and social activities of the youth at the international level.
In declarations to Prensa Latina, Suniel Sosa, head of the International Relations Department of the Young Communist League (UJC) of Cuba, invited the federations to exchange experiences in Havana on ways of thinking and acting in the struggle against capitalism and the right wing.
Sosa stressed the importance of uniting the political forces of the left that fight against imperialist domination; as well as strengthening relations between young people and their causes worldwide.
In this sense, the representative of the UJC indicated that the meeting will be the scenario to present and discuss the venues of the next World Youth Festival and the General Assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, which take place every four years.
For his part, Yusdaquy Larduet, secretary general of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, said it was an opportunity to resume the activities and work of the global youth, after a break imposed by Covid-19.
Speaking to Prensa Latina, the member of the General Council insisted on the importance of greater participation of young people and students, to vindicate the political and social movements in each region.
Larduet highlighted the active participation of the youth movement in Latin America in accompanying progressive, democratic, and leftist revolutions, rejecting the oppression of the ruling classes and the monopoly led by the right.
Five years later, the democratic youth celebrate its coordinating meeting in Lebanon, with the purpose of sharing, analyzing strategies, and strengthening the collective struggle for a better world.
Founded on November 10, 1945, in Budapest in opposition to the fascism of World War II, the World Federation of Democratic Youth adopted a commitment to peace and is currently represented by 136 organizations from 97 countries.


Prensa Latina