Cuba to host symposium on genesis and development of the Revolution

Historians, political scientists and economists from 21 countries will exchange experiences in the III Cuban Revolution, Genesis and Historical Development Symposium, to be held from October 29 to 31.
In the Havana Convention Center, specialists and scholars of revolutions around the world will discuss the process of transformations that the island has been promoting for 60 years and the role of Fidel Castro, architect and historical leader of that emancipation project grouped in 11 work commissions.
The 150 delegates (50 of them foreigners) will study over 80 papers on the subject, and will participate in collateral activities such as an exhibition of original posters about the Cuban Revolution and book presentations.
As a climax, three panels will deal on the figure and universal legacy of Fidel Castro.
The president of the Institute of History of Cuba, Yoel Cordoví, highlighted in a press conference the usefulness of such a symposium that is being held in an international context marked by the right's offensive against progressive causes, particularly in Latin America.
In this scenario, he said, it is crucial to study and disseminate among the Cuban people and the world, a history as rich as that of the island and the revolutionary example of Fidel.
The participants in this meeting, held every two years since 2015, represent countries of different latitudes, such as the United States, Germany, Dominican Republic, Peru or Sweden.
For the first time, students from Hungary, China, the Czech Republic, Thailand, Mongolia and Venezuela will participate.


Muñoa, Manuel


Prensa Latina