Cuba implants myoelectric prostheses to amputee patients

Cuban medicine added the implantation of myoelectric prostheses, a breakthrough that will contribute to improve the quality of life of amputee patients, to its scientific achievements.
The dream came true thanks to the Havana-based Cuba-RDA Technical Teaching Orthopedics Laboratory, whose director, Luis Hernandez said, “We are doing for the first time alone a complex and important exercise, through our specialists.”
Cuban technicians have participated on other occasions in similar procedures, accompanied by German professionals.
The breakthrough took us to the level of the first world, since these prostheses are among the most modern that can exist.
“They are high-performance prostheses that will give the patient a better quality of life and an ideal comfort to develop essential activities”, noted Hernández, who was quoted by the website of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP).
The source pointed out that Ottobock is the leading German brand in the world market of such prostheses and one of Cuba’s major suppliers of orthotics, wheelchairs and exoskeletons.


Prensa Latina