Cuba: More voices against US blockade

The battle that Cuba is nowadays waging against a blockade that has been imposed by successive US governments for over six decades is being daily supported by new voices.
French parliamentarians on Wednesday asked the United States House of Representatives to immediately activate the process to lift the blockade against Cuba, a demand based on this unjust sanction and current pandemic.
To this purpose, France-Cuba Friendship Group of the National Assembly sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the United States House of Representatives, considering that the end of this economic blockade against Cuba would facilitate the protection of 11 million inhabitants and would provide a service to humanity.
This letter, signed by Deputy and President of this group, François-Michel Lambert, recalled the damage caused by this blockade to all Cuban sectors and also the solidarity of its healthcare professionals with other countries.
Meanwhile, in Costa Rica, Political Analyst Trino Barrantes affirmed that the aspiration of progressive peoples of the world against the US blockade of Cuba is a legitimate claim.
In an in-depth article, Barrantes stated that this hostile sanction has been present in a sustained media war; dehumanized disinformation campaigns; unfair business practices and policies; sabotage and inoculation of diseases against agriculture and people.
Despite everything, the United States fails to stop the socialist process and the great cultural, educational, scientific, health and economic advances made by Cuba, the analyst stressed.
Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reiterated that the US blockade imposes enormous limitations on the economic and social development of his nation.


Prensa Latina