Cuba participates in ECLAC in a meeting of Ministers of Education

The Cuban Minister of Education, Naima Trujillo, highlighted the importance of the extraordinary meeting of heads of the sector, in Santiago de Chile, where the challenges for the reactivation of education after Covid-19 are analyzed.
Trujillo commented that the meeting is an opportunity for the exchange of experiences not only associated with post-pandemic recovery, but also with the educational transformation of the future due to its importance for the development and sustainability of humanity.
She explained that when Covid-19 began, Cuba was going through the third improvement of the educational system, and many variants had to be applied. Now, the country is carefully studying all the impacts of the health crisis on the learning and training of teachers, so that differentiated responses can be provided.
Ministers and senior representatives from 30 countries, as well as international organizations, participated in the meeting, held at the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).
Another of the topics discussed is the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goal number four, referring to guaranteeing quality education by 2030.
Among the achievements of the Caribbean nation, the minister mentioned the comprehensive educational development and the universal free education, and referred to Cuba's contribution to literacy in different regions thanks to the “Yes I Can” method, now being applied in Honduras.
This is a program with high international recognition, which the island continues to offer the countries of the world as it considers that literacy is a priority for the people.


Radio Habana Cuba