Cuba still waiting for information about its embassy in Washington

Another day begins in Cuba in the battle against Covid-19, with encouraging signs, but here they are still waiting for the United States to rule on the attack on its embassy in Washington.
Eighteen days have passed since the Cuban diplomatic headquarters in the US capital received 32 shots from an assault rifle, without the Washington government fulfilling its duty to officially report on it.
It is not a whim of the Caribbean island, because there are laws to which the White House must respond, particularly when it is responsible for the security of embassies and other offices and foreign representatives legally established in the territory of the northern nation, they think here.
Especially when Cuban representations in the United States, including diplomatic and other, have been the subject of terrorist acts in the last 60 years, and also in other nations.
The list is long and so is the number of fatal victims, with a negative balance in the administration of justice in the courts of the country whose government encouraged, financed and, more than once, ignored such excesses.
The story includes several moments in which Havana warned of terrorist plans from the United States against it, but also in the United States itself, even with respect to the life of a current president.
The attack on the island's diplomatic headquarters in Washington on April 30 seems a propitious occasion for the Donald Trump government to be serious, fulfill its commitments and inform Cuba about the attack, according to repeated demands by high officials of the island. .
Especially when the Covid-19 pandemic requires global concentration and cooperation, which the White House scorns when it comes to its neighboring Caribbean island, which nevertheless, despite the blockade of its powerful neighbor, is winning.



Prensa Latina