Cuban Church Trusts in Transcendence of Fidel Castro's Legacy

The Cuban Council of Churches expressed today its confidence in the transcendence of the legacy of the former President Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution.
The Christian community in Cuba, particularly the one closely related to the Cuban Council of Churches, has received the news of the death of Commander Fidel Castro with deep sadness, mitigated only by the conviction that he will continue very much alive in the soul of the Cuban country, the Council said in a statement.
According to the organization, the ecumenical movement always felt close to Fidel's ideas because of his strength and determination in the struggle for unity, justice, peace and love for the human being, which are the same values and principles of Christian faith.
'We can only honor his legacy by maintaining the patriotic commitment to his ideas and work,very much convinced that God will comfort us and guide us in paths of justice for his name's sake, and that good and mercy will guide us every day of our lives,' the Council wrote.
'With gratitude for his life, farewell, Fidel!', the Cuban Council of Churches said.


Prensa Latina