Cuban doctors help fight Covid-19 in Jamaica

Doctor Carlos Rafael Velazquez is now fighting in Jamaica the Covid-19 pandemic as a reflection of the Cuban collaborators' solidarity.
Graduated in 1994, the first degree specialist in General Medicine arrived on Jamaican last March 21 as a member of the Henry Reeve Brigade for aid in natural disasters and infectious diseases.
'It has been an important mission. We had to spend two weeks in quarantine in Kingston to immediately move to the health areas and start working from day one,' he told Prensa Latina via the Internet.
Velazquez is serving in the southern region of Jamaica, in St. Elizabeth's parish, providing direct care to patients in order to detect possible patients with the new coronavirus, SAR-CoV-2.
During talks with Prensa Latina, the internationalist in Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil said that research was being carried out at the entrance to Santa Cruz clinic to identify citizens with respiratory symptoms or an epidemiological component.
According to the Cuban physician, the health institution has all the necessary means for personal protection to avoid the specialists' infection by Covid-19.
More than 430 Cuban professionals are present in four regions and 14 parishes of the Jamaican island, with the mission of providing support in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.


Prensa Latina