Cuban Doctors for New Challenges in Venezuela

Cuban Vice Minister of Health Joaquin Garcia assures on Thursday that one of the main challenges of the Cuban mission in Venezuela is to continue incorporating the state health programs to the primary assistance network Mission Inside the Neighborhood.

We have assumed within the practice system, which exceed 6,000, the scheme of maternal and child care, promoted by President Hugo Chavez with the name Niño Jesus, that guarantees the follow up of women and their new-borns, he explained.

He commented that another important task of Cuban collaborators is supporting the national plan of immunization against 14 diseases by vaccinating people at more than 3,000 centers where Cuban doctors work.

Garcia told Prensa Latina that the mission is not limited to the assistance of people but to also to the education and training of more than 24,000 young people.

There are more than 11,000 health centers in Venezuela that are part of the Cuban mission as practices, 502 comprehensive diagnostic centers, 555 rehabilitation wards, 400 optical wards and about 2,000 dental centers and 27 high-tech centers.

The Vice Minister disclosed that they are studying, along with Venezuelan health authorities, other actions mainly preventive in which Cuban doctors can also collaborate.


Prensa Latina