Cuban Foreign Minister warns about consequences of electronic waste

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, this Friday warned today about the large generation of electronic waste, since in 2022 alone it amounted to 62 million tons, according to United Nations data.
“Predatory capitalism, which imposes consumerism and rapid technological obsolescence, contributes to the accelerated degradation of the planet and environmental pollution,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed on his X account.
According to a recent UN report, electronic waste is increasing five times faster than its recycling. The 62 million tons of e-waste generated in 2022 would fill 1.55 million 40-ton trucks, enough to form a continuous line around the equator.
Meanwhile, less than a quarter of the annual e-waste mass was documented as being properly collected and recycled in 2022, leaving $62 billion worth of recoverable natural resources unaccounted for and increasing pollution risks around the world.
Global electronic waste generation is increasing by 2.6 million tons annually, on track to reach 82 million tons in 2030, which represents a further increase of 33 percent compared to the 2022 figure.
Electronic waste, any product discarded with a plug or battery, is a health and environmental hazard as it contains toxic additives or hazardous substances such as mercury.


Radio Habana Cuba