Cuban president calls for unity of vote in national elections

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel called on Thursday to elect on March 26 the deputies to the Cuban Parliament with the unity of the vote.
"When we are voting massively for the united vote, we do it with the strategic unity that the maximum leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro instructed us, and we will be giving legitimacy to the National Assembly of People's Power," said the dignitary in his tour as a candidate for deputy for the central city of Santa Clara.
In dialogue with the workers of the self-consumption farm of the Tabaco Torcido company located in the Yabú Valley, Díaz-Canel praised the work of this collective in raising chickens, ostriches and other animals, which supplies the company and delivers another part to the population.
He said that these direct dialogues with the people, in which he is accompanied by seven other candidates for deputies, constitute a process of transparency where problems are heard, but also achievements.
The head of the YakelÍn Valle self-consumption farm, once the recipient of the Villa Clara and Cuba women's softball teams, expressed her support for a united vote in the elections on the 26th.
He highlighted the successes obtained in eight farms, previously unproductive lands, and that have already achieved the reproduction of more than 2 thousand hens and several pigs.
The Cuban president continues today his tour of this municipality with meetings with peasants of a rural community, also within the Yabù Valley, and visits to important factories such as the Mechanical Plant 'Fabric Aguilar Noriega', and the concrete sleepers for the railroad lines.


Radio Habana Cuba