Cuban president highlights international vote against the blockade

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted on Thursday the majority support of the international community for an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against the island for almost six decades.
'The blockade is real and we will defeat it with the support of the international community that today overwhelmingly voted for Cuba against the blockade. Servile governments show where their affinities lie. And they are alone along with the empire,' Diaz-Canel wrote on his Twitter account.
'Voting against Cuba is voting for the continuity of the genocide,' the head of state stressed.
Today, a total of 187 nations voted in favor of the resolution calling for an end to the US blockade. There were two abstentions: Colombia and Ukraine, and only the United States, Israel and Brazil voted against its lifting.
The vote marked the twenty-eighth consecutive occasion since 1992 on which the majority of the world's nations demanded in the main deliberative body of the United Nations an end to the genocidal US policy.


Prensa Latina