Cubans from home celebrate 60 years of largest mass organization

LThe Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), largest mass organization in Cuba, celebrates today the 60th anniversary of its foundation by the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro.
According to the national coordinator of the CDRs, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, the decoration of houses and streets, as well as the delivery of medals, distinctions and awards, will respect the restrictions established to control the spread of Covid-19, so they will not be carried out in massive acts.
According to Hernández, this year commemoration plaques and stickers have been placed in the homes of internationalist doctors who fight the disease, players in the 60th edition of the National Baseball Series and of outstanding families in the production of food in patios and plots.
The also Hero of the Republic of Cuba said that commemorative stamps are given to founders and members of the Mirando al mar (Looking to the sea)detachments, groups with more than 7,000 members that fight highly sensitive events, such as drug recalls.
Likewise, he urged to maintain discipline and isolation, as well as to support from the organization, measures taken by the country against Covid-19.
Recently, he highlighted that the CDRs have participated in all the momentous events in the history of the Cuban Revolution.
In that sense, he mentioned the contribution in the internationalist medical brigades, blood donations, vaccination campaigns, the discussion of the Cuban Constitution, among other activities.
According to other officials of this organization, in the current scenario due to Covid-19, the CDRs support from the community in the epidemiological control during active investigation, as well as in the care of vulnerable individuals and families.
According to the vice national coordinator, Vladimir Sauri, the organization has contributed more than 240 thousand blood donations during the pandemic in Cuba since last March.
On the other hand, food production is promoted in gardens, rural and urban areas through the program 'cultivate your bit of land'.
At present, some 138 thousand CDRs in the country make up the organization founded on September 28, 1960 with the objective of mobilizing all the people in defense of the Revolution with direct work in the community.


Prensa Latina