Cubans in the United Kingdom condemn attack on Cuban embassy in US

Cubans residing in the United Kingdom today condemned the recent terrorist attack against the Cuban embassy in Washington, and demanded the United States government guarantees the security of diplomatic sees in its territory.
In a message spread through social media, the organization 'Cubans in the UK' also expressed its rejection of any violent act against representatives of its native country abroad.
Since 1959 (triumph of the Cuban Revolution), Cuba has reported more than three thousand deaths and thousands of injuries, caused by terrorist attacks that have been mostly organized from the United States by groups of extreme right-wing Cubans, leaving fatal victims on and off the island, the text states.
After pointing out that it is the responsibility of the North American authorities to guarantee the security and tranquility of diplomatic headquarters and accredited personnel in their country, the association demanded that actions and measures be taken against such an attack on the integrity of the Cuban diplomatic mission.
Ignoring this fact makes the United States government before the world an accessory to terrorist acts, the statement warns.
The Cuban embassy in Washington was shot in the early hours of last Thursday by a man armed with an assault rifle, who was later detained at the scene by the Police.
In a message released yesterday through Twitter, the Caribbean island's foreign minister, Bruno Rodríguez, denounced that 36 hours after the attack, which fortunately did not leave fatal victims, although material damage did not occur, neither the US State Department nor its secretary Mike Pompeo had spoken about it.


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