Cubans, Venezuelans honor Fidel Castro's legacy in China

Cuban and Venezuelan officials honored on Thursday in China the political legacy and thinking of the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, on occasion of the 94th anniversary of his birth.
The ceremony was held at the Havana Embassy in Beijing, and in each moment, the ideals of solidarity, integration and unity in Latin America and the Caribbean promoted and defended by the late leader were illustrated.
Cuban Ambassador Carlos Miguel Pereira referred to his enormous contribution to the world, the comprehensiveness of his actions and the deep humanist and altruistic values that always accompanied him in life.
Alberto Bastardo, charge d'affaires at Venezuelan Embassy in Beijing, assured that in his country, Fidel has been closely related to the people.
As part of the act of homage, poems were declaimed, videos about Fidel Castro were screened and some snapshots of the exhibition 'Fidel es Fidel' (Fidel is Fidel), by photographer Roberto Chile, were on display.


Prensa Latina