Cuba's Abdala studios promotes multimedia dedicated to Fidel Castro

Producciones Abdala S.A. studio, from Cuba, is promoting on Wednesday the multimedia material entitled 'Fidel Castro, Caravana de la Libertad 1959' to commemorate the 94th anniversary of the birth of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.
The multimedia was carried out in 2015 with the collaboration of the Institute of Cuban History. It includes an audio compilation of almost all speeches by the Commander-in-Chief from January 2, 1959 in Santiago de Cuba to his arrival in Pinar del Rio city, on January 17.
In addition to voice recordings, the multimedia, produced by Producciones Abdala S.A.'s Unicornio Record Label, brings together the texts of the speeches and their repercussions in different Cuban publications such as Bohemia magazine and Hoy and Prensa Libre newspapers.
The multimedia also collects a wide gallery of images of the events at that time, among them the entry to Havana of Fidel Castro, leading the so-called Freedom Caravan, on January 8, 1959.
Several institutions are paying tribute these days to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution on occasion to commemorate on Thursday, August 13, the 94th anniversary of his birth.


Prensa Latina