Diaz-Canel: Special Education in Cuba Expresses a Humanist Vocation

The president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, affirmed on Friday that the special education in the Caribbean island is one more proof of the humanistic vocation of the work of the Revolution.
'Special schools and special education are an expression of the humanist vocation and social justice of the Cuban Revolution. Our recognition and admiration for the selfless collective of workers and educators', wrote the Cuban president in his social account Twitter @DiazCanelB.
Ena Elsa Velazquez, Minister of Education said on Twitter that today there is a network of special schools in Cuba that allows serving all children, adolescents and young people who need it.
Pedagogues of the Caribbean island agree that all education must be special, adapt to the individual rhythm of each student.
This should be open to those who need it, be inclusive, and be more just and supportive.
Currently, the Cuban Special Education is oriented towards the solution of those problems that emanate from social needs.
There is no pretense to align thinking in one direction, it is vital the permanent analysis of educational practices and theoretical reflections that derive from the Cuban educational improvement


Prensa Latina