Dominica PM Proud of Having Fidel Castro as Friend and Mentor

Fidel Castro was the undisputed leader of the Cuban Revolution, I feel privileged to call him my friend and mentor, stated Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.
Inspired by José Martí, who had the vision of a Cuba with all, for the good of all, Fidel freed Cubans from the Batista dictatorship and led the country through the paths of socialism and self-determination, Skerrit recalled.
During his speech at the political-cultural event in a posthumous tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, the prime minister stated that under Fidel´s leadership, Cuba developed the public health system, as well as a sports infrastructure recognized by its champions.
He also said that for more than five decades and with the support of friendly peoples, the Cuban Revolution has resisted the blockade imposed by the United States.
'Fidel's fervor against domination transcended Cuba's borders. He was a true friend, he extended his hand to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean', added Skerrit in an emotional speech.
In that sense the also president of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), added that it is difficult to identify a sector of his country in which Cuba and Fidel did not have an impact to strengthen it.
Slogans such as 'Hasta la victoria siempre' and 'Viva Cuba', were pronounced by the Dominica leader in perfect Spanish when he finished his speech in Havana´s Plaza de la Revolución, which brings together presidents and personalities from five continents to pay posthumous tribute to Fidel.


Prensa Latina