Fidel Built a Revolution only 90 Miles from the U.S.

Fidel Castro produced the miracle of the first socialist Revolution of Our America and at barely 90 miles from the United States, recalled today President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega.
The head of State of the Central American country described as 'a crime of lesser humanity' the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the U.S. on Cuba for over half a century, which 'should be judged by the famous International Penal Court'.
Fidel defended the right of Cuba to develop. Amidst the law of the jungle of capitalism, he promoted those principles that (Karl) Marx, with deep humanistic spirit proposed to achieve that paradise be built on Earth, said Ortega.
During a political-cultural ceremony in posthumous tribute to the revolutionary leader, the Nicaraguan president made a call to the Latin American and Caribbean unity to save the sovereignty of peoples, the advances in all fields, 'we are living a new era in our America', he stressed.
Ortega lamented the passing away of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution. 'It hurts that transit to immortality'. He recalled also that Fidel and Hugo Chavez were pioneers of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, PetroCaribe and the operation Miracle, among other mechanisms that helped consolidate the unity among the Latin American and Caribbean countries.
Ortega benefitted from the occasion to praise the values, the ethics and morale of Fidel and also appreciate the solidarity and the altruism of the Cuban people toward Nicaragua and all the peoples in the planet, including that of the United States.
He recalled also several passages of history which strengthened the leadership of Fidel Castro worldwide and forged an indissoluble friendship between Nicaragua and Cuba
Fidel backed the just and noble causes. He supported Salvador Allende, Chavez and Nicaragua when they needed it the most, he said.


Prensa Latina