Fidel Castro Met with Venezuelan Law Graduates

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 24 (acn) Members of the second “Fidel Castro Ruz” Law Graduation from the Venezuelan University of Carabobo visited the Cuban Revolution leader on August 22.

Fidel and the young graduates exchanged for nearly three hours, according to a report by the Cuban Television that aired images of the encounter.

According to PL news agency, the website Cubadebate ( also published a video showing Fidel Castro dressed in blue sports clothes as he speaks with his 10 guests. The Venezuelan youths told the press, before they left Caracas, that their visit was aimed at meeting the Cuban people, whom they consider an example of resistance.

On behalf of the Cuban people, Fidel expressed his gratitude to the youths for their gesture, which he took as an acknowledgement of the work of the Revolution.

The Law graduates and the Cuban leader recalled a previous encounter 14 years ago with the 1995 Law Graduation of the Venezuelan University, which was a similar initiative; they also referred to many issues linked to the Bolivarian and the Cuban revolutions.

Issues like climate change, the environment and the advancement of social projects in Venezuela were at the center of the exchange, which also included many anecdotes and stories of interest. By the end of the meeting, the Venezuelan lawyers were presented with a book containing the latest articles written by Fidel Castro.