Fidel Castro remembered in his beloved Vietnam

The screening of a documentary about Fidel Castro's love for Vietnam was one of the initiatives with which Cuban diplomats, collaborators and students in this country remembered the historic leader of the Revolution on the third anniversary of his death.
Also with songs, poems and anecdotes, the comrades of the Commander in Chief and former Vietnamese diplomats on the island recalled passages of his life.
Representatives of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations, the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association, and the Veong Truong Son Veterans Association (Ho Chi Minh Trail), also laid floral wreaths to express their eternal admiration and respect for Fidel.
At the beginning of the act, Cuban Ambassador Lianys Torres said that Fidel, known as the Undefeated Commander, continues to be a vital and combatant presence in these lands that he loved so dearly, and to which his name will always be linked.
The children of the two peoples have a responsibility to be faithful to that legacy and to strengthen our fraternal ties every day, she stressed.
There are two moments in Fidel Castro's life that the Vietnamese will never forget, and on this date they recalled them again.
The first was during the middle of the war, when he said that 'For Vietnam, we are ready to give even our own blood'; and the second in 1973, when Fidel became the first and only president to visit the newly liberated areas of the southern portion of the country.
Similar acts took place at the Consulate General of Cuba in the southern Ho Chi Minh City and at the Quang Binh Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital, founded by Fidel when he was in that central territory at the time of the war, and where several Cuban specialists work.
Local media such as the Vietnamese News Agency highlighted on the occasion Fidel's role as promoter of the ties of friendship between the two countries, which are preparing to celebrate six decades of diplomatic relations in 2020.


Prensa Latina