French Newspaper L'Humanité Dedicates Special Edition to Fidel Castro

The French daily L''Humanité today dedicates a special edition to honor the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, who died on Friday in Havana.
An image of Fidel Castro stars in the cover of the publication, which addresses many aspects of the life and work of the Commander, as Cubans call him: from his career as a fighter and revolutionary leader until his transcendence for the history of Latin America and the world.
In an editorial, the editor of the newspaper, Patrick Le Hyarick, said that 'the man who returned pride and dignity to his people has just gone, after 90 years of an exceptional life dedicated to his country and internationalist fighting.'
In addition, it was remembered the way Fidel led the Caribbean island to move forward despite the strong economic blockade imposed by the United States.
'Despite the blockade, condemned by all members of the United Nations but still in force under pressure from the United States and Israel, Cuba innovates and creates in the medical, social, educational, biotechnology and cultural spheres, and it multiplies cooperation with neighbouring countries', the editorial stressed.
The headlines of several materials highlight ideas such as 'Fidel, conqueror of the impossible' and 'He changed the history of Latin America', while numerous images of the Cuban leader with numerous international renowned personalities appear.
A space is dedicated to 'The sadness of the Cuban people', which describes the atmosphere of mourning that prevails in the Caribbean island since the death of Fidel.
The French news agency also reported on the situation in Cuba: 'In the streets usually full of people, there is almost nobody. The shops are closed, the flags are at half-mast, since the death of Fidel Castro, the inhabitants confirm it, and life has changed. '
The media quoted the words of a Cuban: 'Since Havana learned about Fidel's death, the city is sad. Everyone feels deep sadness.'
In France, the press has devoted in recent days numerous spaces to the death of the Cuban leader.
Likewise, the expressions of sadness and closeness follow one after another, including the main authorities of the country, intellectuals and French citizens who are friends of Cuba.


Prensa Latina