Friends of Cuba ratify support for the Revolution

Cuba on Monday receives more messages of solidarity and support for the Revolution after the world day developed this weekend to end the hostile policy against the Caribbean nation.
Activists, prominent figures, associations of Cubans abroad and friends of the island sent in these days a message for peace and condemned the attempts to subvert the constitutional order.
In countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, Italy, Ecuador, Switzerland, Guatemala, Dominica, the United States, Germany, Nicaragua, Brazil, Canada and Australia, several voices ratified that Cuba is not alone in its struggle.
The international call also demanded the elimination of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States, considered the main obstacle for the development of the nation.
The Cuba Si France solidarity association assured that the destabilizing actions organized by the United States against the island will find another defeat inflicted by the people mobilized along with their Revolution.
For his part, MEP Manu Pineda affirmed that “July is the month of the Revolution, in which a year ago, the people came out to defend their Revolution against an attempt to overthrow it,” with riots in several regions of the country.
On July 11, 2021, there were crimes of public disorder, instigation to commit crimes and also events of extreme violence against properties, people and authorities, actions that were encouraged from abroad through a political-communication operation, according to authorities in Havana.
According to President Miguel Diaz-Canel, that day meant another defeat for the empire, as the people took to the streets to defend the Revolution and there were no more disturbances in less than 24 hours.


Prensa Latina