Hamad bin Khalifa: Fidel Castro Left his Imprint on the World

The Emir Father of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani said here that Fidel Castro is in a high place among the great leaders of the liberation of the 20th Century.
Fidel supported the fair causes, especially the causes of the Palestinians, for which he deserves our gratitude for the support he provided in his struggle for our rights, he pointed out.
Hamad bin Khalifa, during the cultural-political ceremony in posthumous tribute to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, stated that he was attending the funeral of a great leader, an exceptional revolutionary, a firm militant and a persistent fighter.
He considered Fidel a symbol of resistance that reached every corner of the globe and was present in everyone's mind.
Fidel Castro was a giant of the struggle for national liberation, maintained an unbreakable faith in the right of peoples to self-determination, said the Qatari leader.
His example was decisive at a time when most of the world's peoples were subjected to colonialism.
Fidel Castro left his imprint in his time and in his world; so the teachings he transmitted during his live will always endure, he said.


Prensa Latina