Jacob Zuma: Fidel Castro Has Fought a Huge Battle

South African President Jacob Zuma stated during the cultural-political ceremony in a posthumous tribute to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, that his death is a painful loss for all Africans.
The people and government of my country learnt with sadness the death of one of the great revolutionaries of these times and one of the greatest heroes of history, he added.
Zuma acknowledged the important role played by the Cuban Revolution and Fidel in fighting and ending the apartheid regime in South Africa.
We join the progressive forces of the whole world to mourn and celebrate the life of this recognized internationalist and anti-imperialist man, he said, who unselfishly supported the struggle of the oppressed and the exploited.
The president also recalled that the special and deep relationship between Cuba and South Africa was cemented with the blood of the heroic Cubans, who paid the supreme sacrifice due to their conviction in anti-imperialism, freedom and justice.
The soldiers sent by Fidel did not go to Africa to look for gold, diamond or oil, he said. The Cubans only wanted to see freedom and the end of the use of our land as a playing field for powerful nations, while the peoples suffered.
I remember Fidel as a great fighter for poor people.


Prensa Latina