Lifting of the US blockade against Cuba would be a move for peace

Cuban Ambassador to the UN Ana Silvia Rodriguez stressed this Friday that the lifting of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba would be a move towards peace.
As the Cuban representative pointed out, the United Nations General Assembly has underscored the need to put an end to this policy through an annual resolution adopted by an overwhelming majority for the last 28 years.
'There is no culture of peace when Washington launches a new slander campaign, motivated by political failure because of the proven resilience of our nation,' she noted.
Rodriguez accused the US embassy in Cuba of financing mercenaries to trigger violence, disturbance of the peace and disrespect for Cuban authorities.
'Cuba notes with concern that the deep gap that divides human society between the rich and the poor and the growing disparity between the developed and the developing world represent a great threat to prosperity, peace, security and stability worldwide.'
'There can be no peace without full respect for the sovereignty of States; there can be no peace without respect for the self-determination of the nations and the territorial integrity of the States,' she pointed out.
'In promoting and developing a culture of peace it is necessary to condemn all acts, methods and practices of terrorism, including State terrorism, and take concrete measures to combat this scourge,' she concluded.
This Thursday, the UN General Assembly analyzed agenda item 15: 'Culture of peace'.


Prensa Latina