Media support of Prensa Latina in the face of cyberattack on YouTube

Press media, communicators and intellectuals from several countries expressed their rejection of the cyberattack against the YouTube channel of the news agency Prensa Latina, a complaint that continues today.
The dispossession of the Prensa Latina TV channel on that platform of the corporate giant Google was also highlighted by the Bayano Digital site, which reflected the accusation, the day before, of the news agency based in Havana.
Likewise, the claim was replicated in the spaces of the similar agencies Xinhua, from China; Spunitk, from Russia; and Azertac, from Azerbaijan; as well as Tv Brics, from the integration bloc founded by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
Support for this counterhegemonic medium also came from the Arab world with the solidarity of the multiplatform Al Mayadeen. Likewise, the digital publication Summary Latinoamericano and the communicators Florencia Lagos and David de la Paz spoke out in rejection of the computer attack.
At the same time, the president of Casa de las Américas, Abel Prieto, stated on the social network X that this action is the typical response of fascism to those who defend the truth and popular causes.
For his part, the president of Prensa Latina, Luís Enrique González, confirmed that no one will silence the voice of the Global South, and that the computer attack reveals the solidity of the media's work, a reason for being at the center of the attacks of planetary hegemonic groups.
Since its creation in 2012, the channel accumulated 64,500 subscribers, with dynamic growth in 2023 that registered an increase from 21,000 to about 53,379 subscribers, the manager explained.
According to the Prensa Latina statement, the email account associated with the aforementioned channel on YouTube was hacked and modified the day before, and in its place an American company now appears.
The plagiarizing entity is called MicroStrategy and maintains data on the channel's opening date, visits and accumulated subscribers similar to that of Prensa Latina TV.
The management of the important media outlet, which has correspondents in more than 40 countries and generates some 400 news dispatches daily, ratified its commitment as the Voice of the Global South, consistent with its founding principles.
The attack in cyberspace reveals the consolidation of Prensa Latina on the international media scene, says the statement that urges the corporate giant Google to investigate what happened and take measures to reestablish its YouTube portal.


Radio Habana Cuba