Minrex: U.S. silence persists on Cuban embassy attack

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reiterated this Tuesday that the silence of the US government persists regarding the terrorist attack against the Cuban embassy in that country, perpetrated in Washington on April 30.
On Twitter, he recalled that the world has condemned the 581 acts of State terrorism against diplomatic representations of Cuba since the triumph of the Revolution in January 1959.
Cuba's foreign minister (Minrex) wrote that 'however, the government of #USA remains silent in the face of the machine-gunning of 'Emma-CubaUS' on April 30.
At a recent press conference, Rodriguez denounced the 'complicit silence' of the White House with this terrorist action, which, he said, cannot be separated from Washington's hostile policy against Cuba, which incites hatred and violence towards Cuba.
From the Foreign Ministry's headquarters in Havana, he said that Cuba expects the United States to comply with its obligations under international treaties.
He recalled that it is the obligation of every State to protect the integrity, dignity and normal functioning of diplomatic missions, their personnel and their families, 'as Cuba scrupulously complies'.
The head of the Minrex expressed his hope that the government of President Donald Trump would match its anti-terrorist rhetoric with its response to the attack on the island's diplomatic headquarters in the US capital.


Prensa Latina