Over 400 Personalities Worldwide Are against Helms-Burton Act

With the activation of Title III of Helms-Burton Act, which seriously hardens the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, the United States has once again broken the elementary rules of international law, more than 400 personalities worldwide denounced on Tuesday.
In an international statement circulated in social media in the capitals of dozens of countries on all continents, those personalities denounce the United States government for imposing an extraterritorial law.
They state that it also marks a clear regression in the normalization of the diplomatic relations between both countries, agreed in 2014, by Barack Obama and Raul Castro.
We call on the American society, and citizens, peoples and governments of the world, of any political sign, to express their rejection of this measure that affects the respect and friendship that should prevail among nations.
We demand the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to eliminate this section and finally end the unjust blockade against Cuba for 59 years.
World-famous academicians, intellectuals, journalists, artists, social and religious leaders, former politicians, among others, are among the signatories. More figures are joining their signatures to this campaign of support to Cuba.


Prensa Latina