Platform to defend Cuba against aggressions promoted in Europe

The 'Europe for Cuba' channel is celebrating four months as a platform consolidated in defense of Cuba and its Revolution against media campaigns and aggressions, said its coordinator Jose Antonio Toledo.
In an interview with Prensa Latina, Toledo shared the ideas that led to the birth of the platform, its goals and plans, with two- or three-hours-long broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook every Sunday.
Europe for Cuba opens spaces for Internet users to acquaint themselves with the reality of Cuba and its struggles, told by its people and members of solidarity associations in Europe, made up of Europeans and Cuban residents.
Toledo highlighted the purpose of denying through the channel the misinformation generated by the mainstream media about Cuba and contributing a grain of sand to the strengthening of friendship with the Cuban people and the dissemination of the country's humanist work.
During the platform's first 17 broadcasts, it received denounces and samples of repudiation against the US blockade and its resurgence by Donald Trump, who established more than 230 measures, including the unilateral designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism.
It also served as a platform for the worldwide petition to recognize the Cuban medical brigades Henry Reeve with the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 for their role in the fight with Covid-19 and dedicated broadcasts to pay tribute on significant dates to Fidel Castro, and the pro-independence hero José Martí. '(...) we cannot allow the truth about Cuba to be silenced, which would make us accomplices of so much aggression,' the channel's moderator stressed.
According to Toledo, the broadcasts have already demonstrated the immense strength of solidarity with Cuba in Europe and disclosed the broad activity of organizations that express it in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Serbia, and many other countries.


Prensa Latina