ProCuba and ProPanama to expand trade and reciprocal investments

FotosPL: Osvaldo Rodriguez

Pro Cuba and Pro Panama entities signed a collaboration agreement, these enterprises focus on boosting investments and commerce; thus this signature reinforces historical bilateral relations allowing a current fruitful exchange.
The document was signed by Carmen Gisela Vergara, Director of the Agency for the Attraction of Investments and Promotion of ProPanama Exports, and Roberto Verrier, Director of the Center for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment ProCuba.
At concluding the ceremony, Vergara stressed on the friendly relations that unite both countries.
The prospects for expanding relations are currently based on the possibilities of Panamanian companies' offers to the Cuban market and their participation in Cuba's investments, as well as joint projects in the field of tourism promotion, according to expert criteria.
In turn, Cuba provides its potential in the export of biotechnological products, health treatments and expanding educational collaboration, taking into account that there is a small nucleus of teachers counseling literacy through the Cuban method Yes I Can.
The agricultural sector could also represent an object of economic exchange in both directions.
The Economic Complementation Agreement signed between the two countries in 2014, represents a commercial instrument that laid the foundations of regulations and preferential access of products to the markets of both nations.


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