Syrian FM lashes out against the West for inciting wars

This position of the head of the Syrian diplomacy was expressed in a speech delivered via videoconference to the Second Summit of the Voice of the Global South, held in India.
We are witnessing a clear example of the policy pursued by the Collective West that supports Israel’s genocidal and fascist practices in the Gaza Strip, the Foreign Minister said.
He condemned that Tel Aviv, with Western support, turned this Palestinian territory into a cemetery for children under a false pretext based on a distorted interpretation of the right to self-defense, which an occupier cannot invoke.
He further stressed that international peace and security can only be achieved through the fulfillment of the UN’s pledge to prevent humanity from suffering the horrors of war and by promoting cooperation to achieve sustainable development goals.
Al-Mekdad criticized the unilateral coercive measures as inhumane and having catastrophic effects on the daily lives of Syrians by damaging their economy, employment and national currency.
On the other hand, he stressed the importance of strengthening solidarity among nations to consolidate the principles of international law, the UN Charter and human and cultural values.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated the Second Global South Voice Summit to explore the progress of the G20 group.
During the G20 presidency, India has worked to ensure that the concerns of the Global South are given due attention and their priorities are taken into account in the search for solutions to the most pressing global challenges, he emphasized.


Prensa Latina