Tribute to Fidel Castro in Mexico's Congress

On Thursday, a heartfelt tribute was paid to Fidel by the Mexican Congress at the opening of a photographic exhibition at the initiative of the Parliamentary Group of Friends of Cuba headed by Congressman Ruben Moreira.
The extensive exhibition for the sixth anniversary of his death moved from its headquarters at the Los Pinos Cultural Center in Chapultepec, gathers more than a hundred photos of important moments in the life and work of the Commander-in-Chief and leader of the Cuban Revolution.
Yeidckol Polevnsky, vice-president of the parliamentary group representing the Morena party, presented the exhibition covered by numerous journalists from national media, and illustrated it with passages from the life of the Cuban revolutionary and his political thought, which is becoming more and more valid, she said.

Photo: Prensa Latina.

The central words were in charge of Deputy Moreira for the Institutional Revolutionary Party -PRI-, who is the president of the group of friends, and Cuban Ambassador Marcos Rodríguez.
Moreira made anecdotes of meetings with Fidel Castro, and in particular on a trip of the commander to Coahuila in 2006 when he was governor of that state and donated three ophthalmologic hospitals.
He highlighted some of his great passions, among them health and education, and considered it necessary to emphasize everything that unites Mexicans with Cuba, as well as to promote a more dynamic commercial exchange.
Ambassador Rodriguez closed the ceremony with deep gratitude for the tribute to the eternal and undefeated Commander in Chief, the recognition of the words spoken by Polevnsky and Moreira, and in particular to the group of friends that brings together representatives of almost all political parties with benches in the Chamber of Deputies.
He was especially grateful for the expressions of solidarity in the face of the economic, commercial, and financial blockade of the United States against his country, the legislator’s denunciation of this crime against humanity, and the support in the recent vote at the United Nations General Assembly, where the world demanded the White House to lift the blockade.

Photo: Prensa Latina.

The event was attended by presidents of numerous groups of friends from other countries, legislators, ambassadors, and diplomats from several countries, including Venezuela and Nicaragua.


Radio Habana Cuba