Tribute in Italy to Cuba for its support in the fight against Covid-19

The Piedmontese community of Boves today paid tribute to the victims of Covid-19 and to Cuba, for its solidarity support with medical brigades arriving in Italy in the hardest days of that pandemic.
The ceremony, which took place as part of the activities on the occasion of Liberation Day, took place at 9:00 local time in a park on Via Domonosola, presided over by Mayor Maurizio Paoletti, who highlighted the importance of help from nations like Cuba, Norway, Albania and Romania in those difficult times.
A monument was inaugurated at the site, surrounded by the flags of those four countries, which shows the image of a nurse hugging Italy, a symbol of the tragedy experienced since the beginning of the pandemic, in January 2020.
The Cuban ambassador in Rome, Mirta Granda, published a message on social networks where she highlighted that “the work is a tribute to the Italian health personnel and other nations of the world who, like Cuba, provided their help to Italy at the most critical moment of the pandemic.
Between April and July 2020, a Cuban medical brigade worked for three uninterrupted months in a hospital in the city of Turin, in the northern region of Piedmont, where they saved hundreds of lives.
Another group of Cuban health professionals, also members of the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, provided assistance between March and May of that year in the city of Crema, Lombardy region, one of the most affected by the disease.
A plaque placed on the monument inaugurated this Thursday in Boves, indicates that it was erected in memory of the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic, the sacrifice of health personnel, the free commitment of many volunteers, and of the nations that supported Italy.


Radio Habana Cuba