Venezuela Tackles US Interference in LatAm

Amid imminent increase of the US military presence in the region, the Venezuelan National Library is holding on Tuesday a debate entitled Military Bases in Latin America: The Empire Strikes Back.

  Venezuelan United Socialist Party (PSUV) Political Training Coordinator Jorge Arreaza, Culture Ministry International Relation department Director Sergio Rodriguez, and Gen. Melvin Lopez Hidalgo, former secretary of the National Defense Council, areamong the speakers in the debate.

Roberto Hernandez, president of the "Romulo Gallegos" Center for Latin American Studies, will chair the discussion.

According to the Colombian-US accord, Washington could use at least seven military enclaves in Colombian territory.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez rejected the US military expansionism in his weekly Alo Presidente television and radio show.

The statesman highlighted that the Americans will not limit its military operations to Colombia, but will seek control over strategic areas, as the Orinoco Oil Belt.

This country started the process to freeze economic relations with Colombia on July 28, as a response to the threat that the Colombian-US military agreement means to the region.

World social movement and progressive parties are attending in this capital an event against the US warmongering policy, PSUV leader Rodrigo Cabezas stated Monday.

According to Cabezas, the meeting was convened in the Sao Paulo Forum, held in Mexico this weekend. More than 500 delegates from 32 nations agreed peaceful actions in the continent against the military pact signed between Bogota and Washington.

The first "mass" activity after the Forum to repudiate the "warmongering bases" and the threat they mean to the regional peoples' sovereignty will develop on Friday in Argentina, during the meeting of the Union of South American Nations. 



Prensa Latina