Venezuelan Governor Evokes Legacy of Cuban Leader Fidel Castro

The governor of the state of Falcón, Estela Lugo De Montilla, has recalled the legacy of the late leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, at the opening of the 2nd National Meeting of the Venezuela-Cuba Friendship and Solidarity Movement.
'Without Fidel, without his exemplary revolutionary and solitary actions, without the realization of his ideals of justice in Cuba, Venezuela, Latin America and others, many people in the world would not be on the path to vindicainge the rights of all human beings,' said De Montilla at the Simón Bolívar Convention Center.
She added that the solidarity meeting with Cubans at this difficult time was not only to demonstrate the pain of Bolivians, but also to confirm that Cubans can count on the best children of Bolivar and heirs of the eternal commander Hugo Chávez (1954-2013), 'to continue building and defending the society that Fidel dreamed of and founded.'
'We have the duty and obligation to be demanding, hard-working, consistent, revolutionary, brave and optimistic as Chavez and Fidel were, so that our people may have peace and love in order to radiate their ideas to the world.'
The organic functioning of the Movement, the fight against the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, and Youth and solidarity, are the topics that will be discussed in three commissions by more than 120 activists from 15 states.
The 2nd National Meeting of the Venezuelan Mutual Solidarity and Friendship Movement will be held in the northwestern Venezuelan state until Sunday, when the final declaration will be published.


Prensa Latina