Venezuelan professor predicts Cuba's triumph against the US blockade

The coordinator of the Political and Government Studies Program of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV), Luis Alvarez, predicted a new victory for Cuba in its struggle against the U.S. blockade.
In an interview with Prensa Latina, the Venezuelan professor assured that "the commitment of the international community" to the island will be reaffirmed once again.
On the eve of the presentation by Havana of the draft resolution against the hostile policy at the United Nations General assembly on previous occasions, the whole world will reject that "genocidal and criminal" policy applied by the U.S. government against a people whose only sin is "to be fighting for their dignity, to exercise their sovereignty, to be masters of their destiny," the professor ratified.
Alvarez stressed that the world community is going to demonstrate to U.S. imperialism and its criminal acolytes of NATO and the European Union that the era of blockades, sanctions, and the surrender of dignified peoples for hunger is coming to an end, giving way to a world where the peoples are going to take the leading role they deserve, he remarked.
Commenting on the II Meeting of Bridges of Love organized in Caracas recently, the also member of the Bolívar and Martí Chair of the UBV indicated that "those bridges of love" are part of the rejection of the blockade and the historical solidarity between the peoples of Venezuela and Cuba.
Right now, he pointed out, we are united by a common project, "the Bolivarian and Marti project of the Patria Grande and our America".
We are peoples who are enhancing those historical banners and we are reaffirming that alliance, for dignity and sovereignty to consolidate "once and for all, the Bolivarian and Martí postulates outlined in Our America".
Venezuelans, Cubans, and Latin Americans, in general, are in tune with all that feeling that is already part of all our peoples, he affirmed.
Regarding the validity of José Martí's thought in the present times, the university professor asserted that it has extraordinary validity and that it is summarized in that famous phrase"I lived in the monster and I know its entrails".
Already in those times, the Cuban Apostle foresaw with surprising clarity that the United States, as Simón Bolívar had warned, was the main threat to the freedom and independence of our Latin American peoples.
Today, he reflected, that visionary thought of Martí is materialized in the anti-imperialist vision, in the project of our America so that our peoples reach their definitive emancipation and achieve, once and for all, Latin American unity and integration, as the Cuban hero dreamed of.


Radio Habana Cuba