Acrostic for Fidel

Commander of shining star
Original from all parts
Marching ahead   with the peasant
Armed with morale and with pride
No fear for the present times
Dating from yesterday and the morrow
Always luminous and valiant  
Never backing down to no one
Titan of love, of the truth
Eternal fighter for justice

Commander with green fatigues
Omnipresent bearded hero
Martyr who leaves, hero of peace
An ever bigger hope tree
Never looking like you are tired
Devoted who never rests
Alert with your ears, your heart
Never forgetting the week
Tenacious fighter of light
Enlightened who shares his might

Commander forever comrade
cOmmander who will always lead
arMys of heros who will live
partAcking in every quest
with uNflinching will and courage   
always Deffending the non-haves
never abbAndonig the week
for the wouNded, for the sick
millions shall Thank you Fidel