To Fidel Castro

Instead of dancing, vice and pleasure
In the stead of easy women
Instead of the wine which drinking makes one light headed
You devote your youth to the idea
You feel your life with patriotic duties
And with friends you forge sound beings
Who only yearn to fulfill the manly deeds

You see your homeland which is now gagged
By a cruel tyrant now enslaved
And with you handsome and strong youth
You commit to dangerous paths
Of wrenching the dirty sword away from him
You ride on your generous ideals
Without thinking that you may find your death
And be buried in a tomb of nothingness

You stand a hero of your hurt homeland
To whom you are offering your life and youth
Your health, pure and youthful fibers
And also your manly thoughts
And in the heroic quest which you’ll see stand
You tirelessly and joyful work
When you see that thousands of guns
Are ready to follow you when you command
The motherland will reward your heroic feat
You are the Cuban archetype
Who does not stand a hand been laid on him
Or chain, tyrant or order
For no tyrant or owner is to be stand
And the sweet dream of freedom will crystalize
And your people will be free from the traitor dwarf
All of Cuba looks at you and the world awaits your guerrilla thrust
That the dictator opposes you with powerless efforts
So that the burning light of Cuba’s countryside in and our freedom will be forged in steel
You stood a hero at the Moncada
And even though you witness the defeat of the fight by the evil and brute force of the dictator
You sowed in Cuba with your valor
The seed which today germinates in this national, growing ardor to see the tyranny vanquished

Fidel Castro, your path, your figure
Will be a powerful beacon which will bring
The shining light of liberty to Cuba
We will resolute follow you banner
Even if some say it’s just the craze of youthful drive
The great mad man of mankind aims for the glory
And plant in History the fruit of their great feats
God bless your virtues, the virtues which will cleanse us from the filth of evil.