To the man in olive-green, the eternal commander

With much love and respect
With admiration and care
Today we are say farewell
To the man in olive green

He left his mark among people
From many parts of the world
Humankind now his death morns
For his deeds were great and plenty
One hand, tow hands, five hands twenty
Are lent to us in these times.

Today a giant has gone
And the world has lost a leader
His followers will not quiver
For his legacy is so strong
That both the old and the young
Will march on as great believers

The man who was brave and clever
His deeds which will live forever
The man whose soul was a spring
Of moral, fair love and courage
And who wore like no other
The fatigues of olive green

Even his enemies knew
To show him respect, constrain
For he was never infirm
For they could never defeat him
Undefeated left this world
His legacy will prevail.

He witnesses the 5 comeback
Against all odds, yes he did
And his drams will always live
In schools, hospitals alike
For the power of his might
Is grounded on his ideas
Which taught us to bear no fear
Because we will cause we can.

Among us you’ll always live
For the centuries to come
Your spirit will live on
Commander in olive-green