The Libian leader Muamar el Gadafi hands over the Order of Courage in Tripoli, Libya, top decoration bestowed by that government for the first time upon a foreign citizen, March 10, 1977.
The president of the Democratic Republic of Somalia and general secretary of the Somali Socialist Revolution Party, Mohamed Siad Barre, awards the Sash and Somali Star Medal of Prime Order, the highest distinction granted by the government of that country to friend personalities, March 14, 1977.

The working staff of the Hotel where he is staying in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, confers a shield and a spear as recognition and dedication to the proletarian internationalism and as a great upholder of the oppressed and the submitted people of the world, March 19, 1977.


The International Union of Students awards the Medal November 17, due to his contribution to the theory and practice of the Revolution, for the establishment and consolidation of the first state of workers and farm labourers in America, July 17, 1977.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Michel Manley awards the Order of Jamaica, the highest distinction granted to governors from other countries for their merits. The ceremony took place in Kingston, Jamaica, October 16, 1977.

The Council of State of the Republic of Cuba awards the Medal 250th Anniversary on the motion of the University of Havana Management during the closing act of the celebration for the anniversary of foundation of that centre, January 10, 1978.


The President of the Democratic Federal Republic of Ethiopia Mengistu Haile Mariam awards the Great Order Star of Honour of Socialist Ethiopia, September 12, 1978.


The Latin American Students’ Organization, in compliance with the 6th Congress of Latin American Students, awards the Order José Rafael Varona, highest distinction bestowed by the organization upon personalities and organizations in acknowledgement for their relevant merits in the general fight of the peoples against imperialism and its traces of oppression and dominance, and for the complete freedom and national independence, March 19, 1979.

The Government of the Popular Republic of Poland, awards the Great Sash to the Merit in Havana, March 26, 1979.

The Ministry of Interior (MININT) awards the Hallmark 20 years of the Security. The distinction is confered by the Major General Sergio del Valle, Minister of Interior, March 26, 1979.