The President of the Republic of Mozambique bestowed on him the Eduardo Mondlane First Class Medal, awarded by the Government of Mozambique, at the Embassy of the African country in Cuba. January 6, 1989


The President of Mali, Moussa Traore, bestowed on him the Grand Cross Order of the Republic of Mali. The ceremony took place at the Palace of the Revolution. February 20, 1989


The Committee of Latin American Filmmakers awarded him a diploma in recognition for having been the main promoter of Latin American cinema. The award ceremony took place during the main event for the 30th Anniversary of the Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry, held at the Karl Marx Theater. March 24, 1989


The Soviet Ambassador presented him with the Letter and Medal of Recognition of the Armenian People. May 8, 1990


The Tomás Frías Autonomous University of Bolivia bestowed on him the Doctor Honoris Causa Award of that center for high studies, in the Bolivian city of Potosí. September 23, 1990


The Mexican Council of State of Morelos conferred him the General Emiliano Zapata Medal of the Legion of Honor. The event took place at the Palace of the Revolution. October 16, 1990


The Pan-American Sports Organization (ODEPA) awards a diploma in acknowledgement for his support in the holding of the 11th Pan-American Games. August 15, 1991


The José Martí Pioneers Organization (OPJM) awards the Fidel with the ‘Los Rosa” (The rose colored shoes) and 30 years as a Pioneer Guide during the closing session of the 1st Pioneers Congress. November 1st, 1991


The Cuban Association of Small Farmers (ANAP Spanish languish acronym) awards Fidel with the order May 17th. Day of the Cuban Farmer during an event at the Havana Convention Center. May 17, 1992


The Assembly of the Angolan People awards Fidel with the Order Agostino Neto, which is given for the first time by an agreement of that body. Fidel delivers a speech during the awarding ceremony held at the Revolution Palace. uly 9, 1992