Estudios Revolución

With officers and staff from the Cuban Ministry of the Interior MININT and the Revolutionary Armed Forces MINFAR 01

Holds a meeting with officers and staff from the Cuban Ministry of the Interior and the Revolutionary Armed Forces where he handed down diplomas to acknowledge the work carried out in food production. He speaks about the incremental growth of world’s population, the climate change, the crisis caused by the increasing shortage of water and the international conflicts impacting the rise in commodities. Under these conditions he highlights the importance of improving food production yielding, the use of science in the reproduction and development of livestock.

Distinction "April 4th" 02

He is decorated with the "April 4th" awarded by the "José Martí" Cuban Pioneers Organization during the celebrations for the International Childrens Day held at the "July 26th" Camp located in the Lenin Park. Havana.

Meeting with Chavez 04

He holds a fraternal meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is in Havana for the second stage of treatment to fully recover from cancer which evolution as satisfactory. During the meeting they watch the football match between Venezuela and Chile during the 2011 America Football Cup held in Argentina.