Reyes Rodríguez

More Cuban collaborators in flood zones

Caracas.— A medical brigade of 120 Cuban collaborators will provide medical assistance to the population affected by floods in Guasdualito, capital of José Antonio Páez municipality, in the state of Apure.

The detachment formed of primarily specialists, comprehensive family medicine doctors, nurses and a complete surgical team, was presented with the Cuban flag by senior officials of the island’s medical mission in Venezuela, and since July 5 has been making its ways to affected region.

The noble profession of restoring sight

When the gratitude is infinite, fatigue can not break the will of the men and women who daily restore sight to tired eyes.

CARACAS, Venezuela— At first glance, it does not seem reasonable that the faces of almost all the patients entering this operating theater, with its knives, syringes and smells, are full of joy. And what’s more they leave even happier, sometimes crying with delight.