Capote, Raúl Antonio

Thirty years ago, the São Paulo Forum gave the left heart

Thirty years ago, on the initiative of Fidel Castro, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the Brazilian Workers' Party, in an adverse context for the left around the world, when many believed that socialism was a dead-end and neoliberalism was advancing, the Encounter of Latin America and the Caribbean Political Parties and Movements, renamed the São Paulo Forum a year later, was held in São Paulo, July 2-4, 1990.

Terrorism against Cuba began immediately after the Revolution

A "mentally disturbed" individual drives his vehicle 100 miles with an assault rifle and ammunition, stops in the middle of the night in the heart of Washington, a short distance from the White House, and opens fire on an embassy - obviously a very lucid madman, capable of planning and carrying out such an attack.

Cuban “troops” saving lives in Venezuela

Cubans are truly committed to the principle of sovereignty, we are protective of our independence, and we would never do to others what we would not allow to be done to ourselves.

Operation Condor: The CIA is not innocent

Over the years, the CIA has spied on the diplomatic and military communications of hundreds of nations by using encryption machines from a Swiss company owned by the CIA and Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND), as revealed by the National Security Archive, an independent research center.
Both the Washington Post and the German public-service television broadcaster (ZDF) have recently published this investigation, with great media impact worldwide, as hundreds of international news agencies reported the news and commented on the information.

What was Cuba seeking in Africa?

In all missions of Cuba in Africa, 385,908 Cuban combatants fulfil their internationalist duty. Of them, 2, 398 lost their lives.

Helms-Burton Act meant to re-colonize Cuba

This law is more interventionist that the Platt Amendment of 1901 and the Reciprocity Treaty Cuba was forced to sign to be granted fictitious independence, at the beginning of the 20th century.
-It is an attack on the independence and dignity of Cuba, with openly annexationist, colonialist intentions.
- The Helms-Burton Act was approved to provoke a change in Cuba’s political and economic system.