Viaje al Exterior

The Americas, 1959

United States

(In response to an invitation conveyed by The American Society of Newspaper Editors)

April 15
•    Arrival at the military air transport service base.  Washington D.C., 9:02 p.m.
•    Brief comments to a radio network upon coming down the plane.
•    Interview by some US journalist on his arrival to Washington D.C. at the Cuban Embassy.
•    Tour round the streets of Washington D.C. Conversation with children, students, taxi drivers and newspaper vendors.

April 16
•    Brief interview by a local radio station in the morning.
•    Luncheon with Secretary of State Christian A. Herter.
•    Press conference after having lunch with the Secretary of State.
•    Interview by journalists of the Cuban TV network CMQ after having lunch with Secretary of State Christian A. Herter.
•    Conversation with students from Clayton High School and other children at a park nearby the Cuban Embassy.

April 17
•    Private meeting with the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations in the morning.
•    Speech in English during the luncheon hosted by the Society of Newspaper Editors at the Statler Hilton hotel.  Fidel answered all questions in English.
•    Reception at the Cuban Embassy.

April 18
•    He attended a reception offered to the diplomatic corps.

April 19
•    Interview made by a journalist from the radio station WWDC at a Chinese food restaurant in the early hours of morning.
•    Wreaths placed at the George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Tomas Jefferson memorials and at the Unknown Soldier’s tomb in Arlington’s National Cemetery.
•    Interviews offered, during the day, to the Cuban journalist Eddy Martin at the Cuban Embassy and to the Cuban radio station Radio Rebelde after the visit to the memorials in Washington and on his way out from Arlington’s National Cemetery.
•    Appearance on NBC television network as a guest in the program ‘Meet the Press’.
•    Conversation with Vice-president Richard Nixon.
•    Statements to some journalists after the conversation with Vice-president Richard Nixon.

April 20
•    Interview by Eddy Martin during a recess after the ceremony held at the Cuban Embassy to decorate the American journalists who went up to the Sierra Maestra Mountains.
•    Lecture given at Princeton University during a special course on American civilization.  He answered some questions.
•    Press conference offered at the residence of the Governor of New Jersey.

April 21
•    Visit to Columbia University.  He provided information about Cuba, offered a press conference and participated in a round table discussion with students from the School of Journalism.
•    Remarks made at the New York’s Women Lawyers Association.

April 22
•    Interview offered at the United Nations during the luncheon hosted by that organization’s correspondents and personalities.

April 23
•    Interview offered during the luncheon hosted by the Foreign Press Club at New York’s Astor hotel.
•    Private meeting with the Council of Foreign Affairs.

April 24  
•    He opened that day’s operations at the Coffee and Sugar Stock Market.
•    Tour around the Bronx Zoo.
•    Brief meeting at the 38th floor of the United Nations building with Secretary-General Dan Hammarskjöld.
•    Conversation during the luncheon hosted by diplomatic correspondents at the Indonesian Lounge.
•    Speech delivered at a rally in New York’s Central Park.
•    He met with Bobby Maduro, head of the Cuban Sugar Kings’ baseball team.

April 25
•    Interview by Eddy Martin on the train when traveling from New York to Boston.
•     Interview offered at the Boston railroad station.
•     Interview offered at the Boston’s ‘Hilton’ hotel.
•    Visit to Harvard University.  A group of youths gave him a plaque in honor of Jose Antonio Echeverria and Fructuoso Rodriguez.
•    Interview offered at Harvard University.
•    Speech delivered at Dillon Field House, in Harvard’s Stadium

Canada, Trinidad and Tobago and Brazil
(Visits in transit to Argentina to attend the Conference of 21)

September 26 to 28

•    Arrival in Houston, Texas; brief stop-over in the US territory to respond to an invitation conveyed by that State.  Commander Raul Castro was there waiting for him.
•    Interview by Radio Canada upon his arrival at Dorval airport in Montreal.
•    Interview offered at ‘Queen Elizabeth’ hotel in Montreal.
•    He visited the Royal Mounted Police and a factory of agricultural equipment, where he is presented with a tractor for the Agrarian Reform.
•    Interview offered to the Cuban radio from the airplane “Libertad” while overflying Havana on his way to Brazil.

April 29
•    Arrival at Port of Spain at 11:07 in the evening, where he was welcomed by Prime Minister Erick Williams.
•    He responded to questions asked by journalists at the main entrance of the Excelsior hotel in Port of Spain.

April 30
•    Press conference offered upon his arrival at the Sao Paulo airport.
•    Meeting with President Juscelino Kubistchek at the ‘Palacio de la Alvorada.’


(Visit to Buenos Aires to participate in the Conference of 21, in response to an invitation conveyed by President Arturo Frondizi during his stay in New York on April 1959).

May 1st
•    Arrival at the Ezeiza airfield at 1:37 in the morning.  Accommodation at the Alvear Palace hotel.
May 2

•    Speech addressed to the Council of 21 at the Palace of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Buenos Aires.


May 3

•    He offered a radio interview at the ‘Carrasco’ airport in Montevideo.
•    Tour around the areas affected by the overflowing of Rio Negro. Dialogue with the victims.  Visit to the city of Chamberlain.
•    Accommodation at the ‘Victoria Plaza’ hotel.
•    Courtesy visit to the President of the Council, Martin Etchegoyen, at the Government’s headquarters.
•    Press Conference offered on his way out from the Government’s headquarters in Montevideo.
•    Speech delivered at the municipal esplanade in Montevideo.


May 5

•    Interview by the Brazilian Press Association at the ‘Heitor Beltrao’ complex in Rio de Janeiro.
•    During his stay in Rio he offered several interviews.  He talked with President Juscelino Kubitschek and with Vice-president Joao Goulart.
•    He offered a television interview in which he read an article written by Ernest Hemingway.

May 7
•    Speech delivered in the rally organized by the National Union of Students at Plaza Castillo in Rio de Janeiro.
•    An evening in transit through Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, on his way back to Havana.

May 8
•    A few minutes before landing in Havana he offered a radio interview to the Cuban journalists who were part of the delegation that accompanied him.