Viaje al Exterior

Asia, Denmark and Canada, 1995

People’s Republic of China

November 29
•    Arrival at the airport of Beijing.
November 30
•    Welcome ceremony at the central hall of the People’s Grand Palace.
•    Conversation held with Jiang Zemin, President of China, at the East Hall of the People’s Grand Palace.
•    Fidel attended the ceremony to sign cooperation agreements between Cuba and China, at the Hebei Hall of the People’s Grand Palace.
•    Conversation held with Li Ruihuan, President of the Political Consultative Conference, at the Xinjiang Hall of the People’s Grand Palace.
•    Conversation held with Qiao Shi, President of the Permanent Committee of the National People’s Assembly, at the Fujian Hall of the People’s Grand Palace.
•    Official welcome dinner hosted at the West Hall of the People’s Grand Palace.
December 1st
•    Visit to the Great Wall of China, at the Badaling sector.
•    Interview granted to China’s Central Television (CCTV).
•    Visit to the residential neighborhood of  Fangzhuang, in the district of Fengtai.
•    Visit to the Experimental Art Nursery School, at the district of Fengtai.
•    Conversation with Li Peng, Prime Minister of China, at the meeting hall of the Yangyuanzhai house, a compound for   illustrious guests in Diaoyutai.
•    Meeting with the Cuban diplomatic staff, commercial representatives and students in Beijing, at the Cuban embassy.
December 2

•    Meeting with Chinese top officials, at the compound for illustrious guests of Daioyutai.
•    Fidel laid a wreath at the Monument to the Heroes of the People in the Tiananmen Square.
•    Fidel laid a wreath at the mausoleum of President Mao Zedong in the Tiananmen Square.
•    Visit to the Tiananmen Gate or the Gate to Celestial Peace, North to the Tiananmen Square.
•    Visit to the main facilities of the Forbidden City.
•    Farewell lunch at the Qian Ju De restaurant, on Qian Men Street.
•    Arrival at the Xian airport.
•    Words pronounced during a meeting held with members of the Chinese delegation at the Sheraton Xian Hotel.
•    Gala at the Tang Dynasty Theater in Xian.
December 3
•    Visit to the Emperor’s Qin Shi Huang’s Terra Cotta Army Museum.
•    Visit to the Pangou village.
•    Visit to the Satellite Measurement and Control Center.
•    Arrival at Shanghai’s International Airport.
•    Conversation with Huang Hu, Secretary-General of Shanghai’s Municipal Committee, at the Jin Jiang Tower Hotel.
•    Tour around the Huaihai, Jingling and Nanjing avenues in Shanghai.
•    Visit to the Waitanlo (ocean drive) in Shanghai.
December 4
•    Visit to the Nanpu suspension bridge over the Huangpu Jiang River.
•    Visit to the Oriental Pearl television tower of Lujiazui, in the village of Pundong.
•    Visit to the administrative headquarters of the region of Jinqiao, in the special zone of Pundong.
•    Visit to the headquarters of the Shanghai Bell Corporation, which manufactures telephone equipment.
•    Visit to the Yu Yuan Garden facilities.
•    Visit to the stock exchange building.
December 5

•    Arrival at Shenzhen’s airport.
•    Visit to the iron and steel complex of Baoshan.
•    Words pronounced during a meeting with local authorities at the Sunlight Hotel.
•    Words pronounced during a meeting hosted in his honor in the Chui Chow Gardens Restaurant at the Sunlight Hotel.
December 6

•    Visit to the Bicycle Company (Holdings) Limited bicycle factory.
•    Visit to the Konka Group Company Limited electronic products factory.
•    Visit to the industrial and business region of Shekou.
•    Fidel plants a tree at the ‘Splendid China’ miniatures park.
•    Visit to the exhibition ‘Chinese Folkloric Villages’.
•    Conversation with Jiang Zemin, President of China, at the Forum Hotel.
December 7

•    Arrival at the city of  Dongguan.
•    Visit to private houses of the Humen village in the city of Dongguan.
•    Visit to Guangzhou’s ‘Successes of the Reform and Opening Policies’ Exhibition.
•    Visit to the Zhuguang agricultural market.
•    Meeting between the Cuban and Chinese delegations at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou.
•    Words pronounced in the farewell dinner at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou.
December 8

•    Arrival at Noi Bai international airport.
•    Welcome ceremony at the Presidential Palace Ceremony Hall.
•    Conversation with Pham Van Dong, former Prime Minister of Vietnam, at the Presidential Palace Gardens.
•    Words pronounced at the dinner hosted in his honor at the Presidential Palace.
December 9
•    Conversation with Do Muoi, Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Vietnam, at the Presidential Palace.
•    Fidel laid a wreath on the Monument in honor of the Heroes and Martyrs of Vietnam.
•    Fidel laid a wreath on the Mausoleum that keeps the remains  of Ho Chi Minh.
•    Visit to Ho Chi Minh’s residence.
December 10
•    Visit to the Hoa Binh hydro-power station.
Ho Chi Minh City
•    Arrival at Ho Chi Minh City airport.
•    Conversation with Nguyen Van Linh, advisor of the Central Committee of the Party of South Vietnam at the Palace of Reunification.
•    Words pronounced at the welcome ceremony in the Palace of Reunification.
December 11
•    Visit to the sugar mill in the city of Tay Ninh.

December 12
•    Arrival at Narita’s international airport.
•    Interview granted to Takashi Ishinose, journalist of  NHK TV network.
•    Interview granted to Toyoaki Negishi, journalist of Channel 4 television network.
•    Interview granted to Shun Akiba, journalist of Asahi TV Channel 10 television network.
•    Conversation with Yohei Kono, Minister for Foreign Affairs, at the Akasaka Prince Hotel.
•    Meeting with deputies of the Cuba-Japan Friendship Parliamentary League at the Akasaka Prince Hotel.
•    Meeting with members of the Cuba-Japan Economic Conference Board.
•    Meeting with senators of the Democratic Socialist Party.
•    Conversation with Takeko Doi, chairwoman of the Diet’s Lower Chamber.
•    Conversation with Tomiichi Murayama, Prime Minister of Japan.
•    Press Conference at the Akasaka Prince Hotel.