Viaje al Exterior

Venezuela (2000)


October 26th

•    Arrival at the Simon Bolivar Airport. Maiquetía.
•    Visit, with President Hugo Chavez, to the areas most affected by the natural disaster of December. El Pavero.
•    Speech delivered on the occasion of receiving the keys of the city of La Guaira. Government House of the State of Vargas (Guipuzcoana House), La Guaira.
•    Meeting with the members of the Cuban medical brigade. La Guaira.


October 27th

•    Floral tribute on the mortals remains of Liberator Simón Bolivar. National Pantheon.
•    Visit to the San Carlos Barracks.
•    Conversation with two indigenous women, one deputy to the National Assembly, and the other, member of the Guaira ethnic group.  
•    Visit to the former college where José Martí gave classes.
•    Visit to the house where Simón Bolivar was born. 
•    Speech delivered on the occasion of receiving the keys of the city of Caracas. Simón Bolivar Square.
•    Speech at the solemn session of the National Assembly, Legislative Federal Palace.
•    Speech delivered at the State Dinner offered in his honour, Circulo Militar of Caracas.


October 28th

•    Speech delivered during the welcoming ceremony at his arrival in Barinas. 
•    Conversation with Governor Hugo de los Reyes Chávez and his wife, parents of Hugo Chávez, during a breakfast prepared in his honour. Official house of the governor.
•    Visit to the house where President Hugo Chávez was born. Antonio María Bayón Avenue.
•    Visit to the La Marquesa-Puerto Nutrias area of special development.  
•    Speech delivered on the occasion of receiving the keys of the city of Sabaneta.  He was declared illustrious son of the city of Sabaneta.


•    Meeting with farmers of the city of Guanare. Guanare Coliseum.  


•    Arrival at the Vicente Landaeta Air Base. 
•    Speech delivered at the Technological Faculty of the Antonio José de Sucre National. Experimental University. Barquisimeto. 
•    Speech delivered on the occasion of receiving the keys of the city of Barquisimeto. 
•    Baseball game between veteran player teams. Cuban team won the game. Antonio Herrera Gutierrez Local Stadium.


October 29th

•    Visit to the Alturas de Buena Vista Fields, scene of the historical events of June 24th, 1821. 
•    Radio statement made in the Aló Presidente program.  Simón Bolivar Hall, Carabobo Field, Valencia.


October 30th

•    He received the El Libertador Order. Ayacucho Hall, Miraflores Palace.
•    Conversation with President Hugo Chávez and members of the Cuban delegation. Miraflores Palace.
•    Signing of the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement and the Cultural Agreement between both governments. Ayacucho Hall, Miraflores Palace.
•    Press video-conference on the occasion of the opening of the Simón Bolivar International Press Centre. Chancellery.
•    Interview granted to Mari Pili Hernández, journalist from Venezolana de Televión, 10-26-2000.