This morning news cables were saturated with the bizarre news of a Malaysia Airlines plane being shot down at an altitude of 10,100 meters flying over the Ukraine on the route under the control of the warmongering government of Chocolate King Petro Poroshenko.
Cuba, always in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and in the difficult days following the Chernobyl tragedy caring for the health of many children affected by the harmful radiation of the accident, and who will always be ready to keep on doing this, cannot pass by the opportunity to declare its repudiation of the action by that anti-Russian, anti-Ukrainian, pro-imperialist government.  
 And coinciding with the crime against the Malaysian plane, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, head of a nuclear state, was ordering his army to invade the Gaza Strip where, in the space of a few days, hundreds of Palestinians, many of them children, had already died. The President of the United States supported the action, describing the repugnant crime as an act of legitimate self-defense.  Obama is not backing David against Goliath, but he is backing Goliath against David.
As we know, young Israeli men and women, well trained for productive work, will be exposed to dying without honor or glory.  I am unaware of what the Palestinian military doctrine will be but I do know that a combatant ready to die can defend the ruins of a building while he still has his rifle, as the heroic defenders of Stalingrad showed us.
I only wish to put on record my solidarity with the heroic people who defend the final vestiges of what once was their homeland for thousands of years. 
Fidel Castro Ruz
July 17, 2014
11:14 p.m.